We are a documentary film production company based in Livingston, Montana.  We specialize in producing natural history, science and social documentaries for broadcast, webcast and exhibition.  We provide an entire range of filmmaking services and are equipped with in-house camera and editing equipment.


45 North Films co-owner John Shier is an accomplished natural history and documentary cinematographer.   He specializes in HD and 4k cinematography   John also specializes in digital timelapse photography, including motion-controlled and nighttime techniques.  Recent projects include the BBC’s landmark ‘Yellowstone’ Series.

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We have a large library of footage available for licensing.  We specialize in wildlife and timelapse footage, particularly grizzly bears and other wildlife native to the Rocky Mountains.  We offer a large selection of HD footage along with select SD footage.  Our timelapses are available at resolutions ranging from SD to 1080p to 4k.  We are currently in the process of building a 4k footage library. 

John is a recipent of the ‘Best Cinematography’ award at the 2009 International Wildlife Film Festival for his work on the BBC ‘Yellowstone’ series!

45 North Films co-owner Sara Shier has been editing documentary and natural history programming for the past 7 years.  She has worked on everything from small-scale web videos to hour-long programs for broadcast to experimental pieces.  She has experience with both standard-definition and high-definition formats and she’s pretty fun to work with…or so she says.