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Sara has been working as a freelance editor for the past seven years and founded 45 North in 2007 with John.  In that time she has edited many documentaries, natural history films, public service announcements, promotional videos and experimental films.  She has also served as a consultant on numerous projects.   Many of the films she has edited have won awards, been exhibited at festivals, been broadcast locally and nationally and have been webcast around the world.

Climbing Mt. Aconcagua.

Sara has experience editing various formats of video and can take a production from raw footage all the way to broadcast-ready.  45 North Films has a high-definition edit bay on-site (see equipment list).  Sara is capable of completing projects remotely but she also has a really comfy couch that you can kick back on while she edits, if you choose.   She promises not to refer to herself in the third-person while working on your project.

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